Disappearing books

It has been just over 24 hours since we launched the blog. We’ve had more than 25,000 blog views and many tweets of support, many to the attention of Goldsmith’s official Twitter account. Some people have tried to protest Nottingham Contemporary’s event on the Facebook event page and via their official Twitter account.  We appreciate all of this support. We appreciate people helping to spread the word about this blog and our campaign. We have contacted Goldsmiths and Nottingham Contemporary directly to make them aware of our blog. Both have yet to respond publicly or privately.

Although Goldsmiths have yet to respond, we can see that they have noticed our campaign. Most of the books which we photographed in Goldsmiths Library have since been removed – according to the online catalogue they have been taken out for 3 months, even if they are 7-day or 3-day loans. This tells us that someone high-up has removed the books, and not fellow students.



Let these disappearing books not be a further episode in the disappearing act of Goldsmiths’ history of sexual harassment.




***UPDATE: 29th July 2016 – we have received email contact from Goldsmiths University and Nottingham Contemporary***


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