We Want Truth, Goldsmiths

Event: Reading Capital in Nottingham


Please note that this course is now fully booked.


It has been brought to our attention that Professor John Hutnyk continues to teach. An event entitled “Reading Capital at Nottingham” claims to “takes an old book from 1867 and recharges it for digital, neoliberal and austere times. Workplace inquiry, social reproduction, environmentalist, activist, anti-racist, anti-colonial, pro-animal, pro-situ, cinema, sex, drugs, art and scholarship – whatever your interest, join us in an inventive ten weeks with Professor John Hutnyk.”

Under his biography, it states that “He studied and taught in Australia at Deakin and Melbourne Universities; and in the UK in Manchester University’s Institute for Creative and Cultural Research; before moving to Goldsmiths in 1998, and becoming Academic Director of the Centre for Cultural Studies in 2004-2014.” Aside from the book scribblings which triggered this blog being started by us, we find it strange that there are no public mentions of John Hutnyk’s resignation from Goldsmiths around 2013-2014. Nothing can be found online about his resignation, nothing on the Goldsmiths website nor any newspaper articles.

Given the evidence which suggests that Professor Hutnyk has a history of sexual harassment and the information we have gathered from the blogs of feminist scholars mentioned in our previous post, we can only conclude that – for reasons we do not fully understand – his deeds and reasons for resignation have been covered up by the university. The sentence from the event “sex, drugs, art and scholarship – whatever your interest” – we find sinister in light of what is suggested to have taken place at Goldsmiths.

In light of this strong suggestion of his past sexual harassment – which was severe enough to have led to his resignation – we find it alarming that Nottingham Contemporary would welcome this man to teach at their institution. We are concerned that they are unaware of these allegations as we are certain there has been a cover-up. We will be writing to the gallery to inform them of what we know.

***UPDATE 29th July 2016 – the event page of the Nottingham Contemporary has been changed. The event information is no longer visible.***

***UPDATE  3rd August 2015 – the event page of the Nottingham Contemporary has once again been changed. It now reads: “Please note that this course is now fully booked.”***